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Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Bellevue Hyatt

By Seattle Wedding Photographer Cory Parris

The Hyatt Regency in Bellevue has a lot going for it.  It has a great lobby area, beautiful suites and rooms, a large set of ballrooms and access to the beautiful downtown Bellevue are for photographs.

The groom out front looking at his bride before she even gets out of the car.

Getting ready in the suite at the Hyatt.

The groomsmen getting ready with the help of one bridesmaid.

The bride getting ready in the next room.  She had more stuff.

Working with reflections just outside the hotel.

Just outside the Hyatt is Bellevue Place and this cool statue. 

Downtown Bellevue is a great place to shoot portraits.  Lots of variety and not too much foot traffic to avoid.

I love this red wall on the side of the Bellevue Art Museum.

This is on one of the skywalks between the downtown shopping areas.  Very cool architectural details.

One of the views in the lobby area.

The bride and her father walking down the aisle in the ballroom.

The ballroom as it was set up.

First dance in the adjoining ballroom.

This image shows the dance floor area.

I liked this moment.


Pickering Barn in Issaquah

By Seattle Wedding Photographer Cory Parris

Pickering Barn is a converted dairy farm that is now a wedding venue operated by the City of Issaquah.  It has very nice grounds and the barn makes for a great architectural backdrop.

The wedding ceremony area just outside the barn.

The empty dairy barn area.

The Pickering Barn is painted the proper red!

Underneath the beautiful willow on the grounds.

I was very happy with this image as I was trying to get the flare to come down from the barn. 

This image taken during the first dance was one of my favorites of the day.


Lake Union Cafe in Seattle

By Seattle Wedding Photographer Cory Parris

The Lake Union Cafe is just up the street from Lake Union with views of Lake Union and some cool decor.

The copper ceiling and large chandeliers over the ceremony/dance floor area.

Rings hanging from the wrought iron candle holder.

The Lake Union Cafe sign on the window.

Walking down the aisle.

The cool view from the back of the aisle.

The bride raising her arms in victory in the front lobby area.

This is classic of the Lake Union Cafe - The beautiful ceiling and lights.


And an image with the neon Lake Union Cafe sign.


Columbia Tower Club

by Seattle Wedding Photographer Cory Parris

The Columbia Tower Club is a beautiful venue that features magnificent views of Seattle.  The wedding planning and coordination were done by Janel of Ocasssions.

The view from the bottom of the tower.

Looking down from the Columbia Tower Club at the rest of downtown Seattle, including the Space Needle in the distance.

The view of the other side looking down on the stadiums and Smith Tower.

The bright pink wedding shoes with Qwest Field in the background.

Bride coming down the stairs around the Christmas tree to see her groom.

Bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on the wedding day.

The beautiful centerpieces with the decorations in Orange and Reds and Greens.

The night view of the Space Needle.  You can see the star on Macy’s.

Wine bottles and Christmas lights.

The view of the dining room.

The wedding ceremony in the library

Columbia Tower Club with the napkin tower.

Jazz trio playing

First dance.


Tyee Yacht Club, The Yacht Club at Lake Union

By Seattle Wedding Photographer Cory Parris

The Tyee Yacht Club (also known as the Yacht Club on Lake Union) is run by Ravishing Radish Catering and sits right on Lake Union and has beautiful views of the Lake. 

The Entrance to the Tyee Yacht Club.

The wedding decorations included green apples and puzzle pieces.

The patio at the Tyee Yacht Club.

The view from the Yacht Club patio.

The bride and groom arriving at the front of the yacht club.

Another image showing the table decorations.

Some kayakers and boats going past the club.

A view of the interior.

Bride and groom walking down the dock.

The guests waving goodbye to the couple.

A boat getaway to the lake.

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